Best place to buy low cost new and used containers in the UK & AUS

We give a wide scope of new steel trailers (one excursion compartments) and utilized steel trailers (wind and watertight) available to be purchased all through the UK and Australia.

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Global suppliers of shipping containers & steel storage containers available for sale and hire.

We are a nearby steel stockpiling compartment organization

We offer an assortment transporting compartments available to be purchased or lease with on location conveyance.

Our compartments are secure and flexible. A wide assortment of employments incorporate capacity of materials and gear, just as frequently being changed to fill in as versatile workplaces and minimalistic homes.

All of our steel stockpiling compartments are accessible for buy or rental. While they are still entirely reasonable for transportation products and materials abroad, they will be utilized locally for the most part for impermanent capacity of gear, materials, devices and so forth.

You can transform these steel watertight units into anything from extra outside stockpiling to specific units retail location stands, open air serving regions (think open air bar), stopping stockpiling units, on the spot carport units, basic versatile lodging units, even unbelievably nitty gritty custom little homes.

These conex transporting holders can be the base for such countless things. We have customizers accessible to transform these units into nearly anything you can envision!

Steel Storage Containers

Serving Charlotte and Surrounding Area. Our holders are top notch, tough, solid and climate tight. The entryway gaskets on our holders are water-tight to ensure your significant property. We are a full-administration steel holder organization which implies that we won’t just sell or lease you a capacity compartment.

We give individual, quality consideration and administration that is unrivaled in our industry. We set aside the effort to completely comprehend your necessities and suggest the best arrangement dependent on your prerequisites.

We will convey your capacity holder to your site and pick it when you are finished. That is one more incredible strength of conex compartment, they’re initially planned in light of versatility. Simply call us and we can convey your capacity compartment today!

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What Our Customer Say

Delivery and installation have been highly efficient to date and we are delighted with the results
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